Sunday, July 5, 2009

Colin Powell Concerned About Obama's Policies

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell disappointed many of his fellow Republicans when he endorsed Barack Obama's candidacy for president. But members of the GOP may be ready to embrace their prodigal son again now that Powell is openly criticizing the president's programs.

Powell is concerned that government is growing too fast under the Obama administration. And that the inherent costs associated with all the programs he's pushing are too much for the country to bear.

He's not the only one a bit concerned. The latest unemployment figures announced by the Labor Department show yet another increase - at a time when it was hoped there's be signs of economic recovery. And a poll just showed that the majority of Americans don't believe that long hoped for recovery has begun.

I disagree with those Obama detractors who call him stupid. He clearly is an intelligent man. This is the course he has decided will be best for the nation. There are economists who agree - and who say that had he not created stimulus packages the recession would even be worse than it is now.

That may be. But if there isn't an economic recovery soon, Powell won't be the only early Obama supporter to back off. More important than the political ramifications, of course, are the continuing effect of this lagging economy on average Americans.

And if Powell is right, generations to come will be saddled with the costs of these programs.


Anonymous said...

Obama is clearly very clever, but my belief in his integrity is gone. Powell is still acting with integrity. He has made some mistakes, but I think his intention has always been do to what he believes is right FOR THE COUNTRY.

Can we trade these two out?

Leslie Basden

Anonymous said...

I like Powell a lot, and respect him, but Republicans criticizing Democratic administrations for increasing the size of government is background noise that always comes out of Washington. I'm not sure though what Obama's supposed to be doing differently as far as the economy. What realistic alternatives are being brought forward? If there are other routes I'd love to hear them.

Anonymous said...

Well, how about he put a stop to billions in pork and get the money where it might do some good.

Or how about he stop nationalizing companies and let the economy work.

The recession in the early 80's was just as severe and Reagan let it play out. It was a tough time but it worked itself out.

The government's only responsibility is to enforce the rules and tighten up the regulations.