Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dispatch From Iran - The Militia Takes People, 'You Never See Them Again'

The name, location and other identifying information have been redacted from this dispatch to protect the correspondent.

TEHRAN - The news from from Iran jails is that may people have been incarcerated. Everyday the parents and loved ones of the arrested gather outside the jails looking for some information. But everyday, parents, children and wives return home heartbroken with no news about their relatives.

There is a list of approximately 700 arrested people hanging in front of Avin jail but there is no way to know if the list is accurate and the authorities continue to reject requests from family members to bring their loved ones before a court of law.

The families of journalists who have been arrested go from one jail to another throughout the day in an unsuccessful attempt to get information. Of particular concern are the reported horrific conditions in Section 209 of the Avin jail. The family members are begging the United Nations or other human rights organizations to visit the jail to document the torturing of prisoners. We are hearing that the most sadistic acts are reserved for the reporters in custody.

The jailing and ill treatment of prisoners is not limited to Tehran but is happening in the other large cities across Iran as well.

I myself nearly got arrested or worse when the militia spotted me taking pictures. I ran and hid until the next day. By then they were gone.

The protest movement is getting less obvious. Even at night, there are fewer people chanting God is great from their rooftops.

The militia break into people's homes and tear them apart and capture the people inside and you never see them again.

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