Friday, July 24, 2009

Even McCain Disagrees With You Lou: Obama Is A Citizen

Some still can't accept the fact that Obama is president

When the allegations that then-Senator Obama wasn't a U.S. citizen started swirling during the presidential campaign you'd think that the first person to seize upon them would be his opponent, Republican Senator John McCain. But his now famous "no mam, no mam" response to a woman during a campaign town hall meeting when she asserted that Obama wasn't qualified to be president dashed the hopes of "birthers" that they could count on McCain to support them. Now comes word that McCain didn't just dismiss their claims out-of-hand.

The Washington Independent reports today that when the McCain camp learned of Pennsylvania Attorney Phil Berg's lawsuit challenging Obama's qualifications to run for president it immediately investigated the claim. They were hoping to find a smoking gun that would convince the American people that they ought not vote for Obama.

But according to the report, after looking into them, the McCain campaign dismissed Berg's allegations.

I don't know whether CNN's Lou Dobbs was aware of all this when he challenged Obama on his radio show recently to produce his birth certificate. But maybe Dobbs, who I have a lot of respect for, will now reevaluate his position on this. Because if anyone had a vested interest to prove the claim, it was McCain.

I had attorney Berg on my show, News Talk Online on during the campaign. I listened to his arguments but found them to be unconvincing. Not all of my listeners agreed with me. But let's look at this:

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear Berg's appeal - in essence dismissing the claim as lacking standing. And the chief justice of the Supreme Court swore Obama into office.

Now that he's president, I really don't understand why the Berg claim keeps resurfacing. Obama's detractors should be focusing on his policies and challenging them, rather than wasting time and effort on a matter that's already - from their perspective - been disappointingly resolved.

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