Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ex-Detainee: Images Document Gitmo Abuse

A former Guantanamo Bay detainee alleges in a federal court filing that videos and still pictures taken while he was incarcerated document abuse he suffered at the hands of U.S. military personnel.

Binyam Mohamed, who has since been released to the UK, asks that the court order that the evidence be preserved. He says his attorney has some of the images and that they show him being severely beaten.

The government has been trying to keep additional evidence of prisoner abuse from being publicly released on the grounds that to do so would inflame some in the Muslim world to attack Americans and U.S. interests around the world. The administration has real cause for concern if the images are as graphic as Mohamed alleges.

The real question here is, were these cases of alleged prisoner abuse simply cases of overzealous members of the armed forces ignoring policy and taking matters into their own hands? That alone would be bad enough. It would indicate a breakdown of discipline and chain of command at Gitmo. But an even worse-case scenario would be that the alleged abuse of detainees was tacitly approved by the command chain.

Whether a court rules the images should be released or, in the name of national security, suppressed, a thorough investigation into these allegations must be undertaken. Beating and humiliating prisoners is not the American way.

If they prove to be true, then those involved and responsible need to be prosecuted. And steps must be taken to ensure that this doesn't ever happen again.


RICESKI said...

Abuse is no reason to condemn all Americans. I think America has been abused by the Islamic crazies and their ilk. America has given many Muslims a much better life but these crazies still hate us in their hearts all the while judging others for doing the same thing they do. I do not care the man was 'abused' as I would rather see him dead than released. Best is to be in prison for life separated from his Islamical nut job friends. Please it would require his missing a limb, ripped from his body while alive before I would give him any sympathy because he will soon be back being a terrorist if he isn't already.

Anonymous said...

Well, here we go again. I'm so sick and tired of the bleeding heart liberal view that our enemies have to be better treated than our own citizens I think I'll secede. The whole concept of affording our enemies the rights our citizens USED to be guaranteed is ludicrous. We now send enemy combatants to a multimillion dollar seaside retreat in a tropical paradise with a $22 million dowery to ensure they can live the 'good life.' Give me a break! The whole concept of 'our morals are better than thiers' as a predjudice to 'fair and humane' treatment may make one 'feel good' resulting from an overwhelming need to be altruistic is overlooking the clear and present danger our society is facing right now. Mistakes are made, but that is the price to pay for war. We didn't start this war, it was brought to us many years ago and culminated on 9/11 into a need to do something about it. How many of our soldiers are killed from 'friendly fire'? What about 'collateral damage'? I submit our enemies should be taken to task for the above issues. Terrorism by definition is all about 'collateral damage', isn't it? How can you defeat an ideology by allowing it free reign in it's activities? By being altruistic? How about starting by protecting the citizens of this country first, then when we get that concept down, we can work on the rest of the world. Not the other way around. You can't defeat terrorism with altruism, Obama has demonstrated that concept vividly in his handling of the Iranian election crisis. The end result? The powers in control still hate us, and now accuse the US of 'meddling'. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

The images must be released. More than likely the inflammation they fear is not just the Muslim world. EVERY AMERICAN with a conscious should be inflamed by images of our troops or CIA torturing detainees. We need to face the truth, and we need to prosecute those in charge up the chain of command, just like the Nuremberg trials. Sorry, but justice is justice, and injustice is intolerable in a "free" country.

C Berg

Anonymous said...

Images that are never released are so much easier to destroy and deny.

John Leonard