Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Former Gitmo Detainee Leads Afghan Fight

Where do all those detainees at Guantanamo Bay go after they are released from custody?

Some may be frolicking in the sun and fun of Bermuda where they've been relocated. But some apparently are opting for the thrill of going to Afghanistan where they take up arms against U.S. troops.

In at least one case, a former detainee not only was returned to Afghanistan, but he's also leading the fight against his former captors.

His name is Mullah Zakir - and he is a commander of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Fox News is reporting that Zakir, aka Abdullah Ghulam Rasoul, was captured and released to return to the fight again.

Of course, we don't want innocent people being held by the United States in detention. But we don't want terrorists released to kill American troops either.

Something, clearly, is wrong with this picture. Don't we know who we are incarcerating? It seems that some of the wrong people are being hauled into custody. And some of the wrong people are being released.

I know mistakes are made. I've covered stories where innocent people have been arrested by police and sometimes wrongly convicted in a court of law. I've also seen people who, in my mind, were clearly guilty, acquitted by a jury. Can anyone say OJ?

But this is especially serious stuff. We're talking about identifying and stopping terrorists.

According to media reports, Zakir surrendered and was detained at Gitmo but was later turned over to Afghan custody. About a year the Afghans released him and he reconnected with the Taliban.

The next time our guys find Zakir I suggest that instead of capturing him - they ought to kill him. Because if they don't - they have no guarantee he won't be freed once more to come after them again.


Anonymous said...

Yes, executing people without charges or trial is much more appropriate than risking release when WE screw up.

Leslie Basden

S_LINK90 said...

Hi Gary.
for all those wanting gitmo closed this is the perfect reason it should not be.
Im sure the liberals are overly happy that there is yet another terrorist killing our evil soldiers.
by the way,, when bush was the president, the paltalk liberals used to give us the daily count of soldiers that bush killed.
since jan 20th,, we are not getting those updates any more,,,i wonder why?


Anonymous said...

ok i tried to leave comment but it didn't take i guess so i'll try again. thank you so much for this story. people need to know this!! specially the bleeding heart liberals who want us to release them all.

Jannhere said...

Link this is how this administration and its blind followers think now. Perfect example as to what is wrong in America today.
Only in America, one has to suppose...

Three prominent personages in Show Business died this week:

(1) -- Ed McMahon : He was a great entertainer, but prior to his show business accomplishments he was a distinguished Marine Corps fighter pilot in WW II and Korea , earning six Air Medals and attaining the rank of Colonel. He was discharged in 1956 On the air, his patient, good-natured dignity endeared him to millions, who came to view him with affection and trust.

(2) -- Farrah Fawcett: Died after a long career in Hollywood as an actress. After developing cancer herself, she became an activist for cancer treatment and devoted her remaining years to encouraging people to seek treatment. She documented her own plight on film and used the film to encourage ohers to stay positive and upbeat despite their diagnosis and suffering. Her generosity and courage were exemplary.

(3) -- Michael Jackson: He was perhaps one of the most popular singers of modern times, and his dance videos had a huge, if evanescent, impact. He will also be remembered for his eccentric lifestyle that included sleeping with a chimpanzee, sleeping in an oxygen chamber, living in a carnival-like atmosphere at Neverland, an unsettleing fascination with Peter Pan, and his numerous masks and costumes. He underwent systematic plastic surgery and other treatments in order to alter his appearance, attempting to minimize his negroid features and coloring. He also admitted to finding pleasure sleeping with young boys, and paid out millions of dollars in settlements to the families of several boys, though he was acquitted by a court on one allegation of sexual molestation.

QUESTION - For which of the above did the United States House of Representatives declare a moment of silence on the 26th of June, 2009? [See http://blogs.usatoday.com/ondeadline/2009/06/house-has-moment-of-silence-for-jackson-.html]

(Hint - It was neither of the first two.)

QUESTION - The family of which of the above received a personal note of condolence from the United States' Commander-in-Chief, President Barack Hussein Obama, on 28 June 2009? [See http://www.star-telegram.com/804/story/1458833.html?storylink=omni_popular]

(Hint - It was neither of the first two.)

Does this Country's Leadership know how to recognize citizens demonstrating character to be recognized as examples, or not? ????

Anonymous said...

jannhere, wow! now why is it that does not surprise me? there is no other way to describe that but downright pathetic! however; we are talking about the man who refused to shake the hands of our troops while campaigning in afghanistan!

Proud _Military _Mom