Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hot Indy Act Carmen & Camille On Paltalk Today

It would be hard to find a new act with more buzz than Carmen and Camille. With major press recognition from Billboard, Stuff Mag, Elle, a reality TV series in development, an appearance on the late TRL and nearly their entire first album featured on MTV's The Hills, Carmen and Camille have seen unrivaled success since the release of their debut album, “Two.” Now they make their first major foray into the world of major new media with an appearance today on News Talk Online on

Hailing from Vancouver, this surprising pop-rock duo are making indie-music magic happen, combining their painful and sincere pop ballads such as To Believe with their energetic, subtly ferocious and fun girl anthems like Don't Play Me Out. Often compared to Heart and early No Doubt, their vocal harmonies, paired with Camille’s electric guitar and Carmen’s flute playing makes for an album rooted in rock while drawing influences from genres across the board.

The duo's latest release, the EP Don't Play Me Out puts forth another dose of C&C's pop-rock girl power. While the album title has a tongue-in-cheek double meaning, the title song is about guys and love, and lyrically the EP grabs a little more female power, yet retains the girls sweet seductive charm. “I want to scream and shout / what was it about? / I let you play me out, boy!”

Carmen & Camille join me on News Talk Online at 5 PM New York time today.


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