Saturday, July 4, 2009

If Bush Techniques Disturbed You, You Have To Speak Out On Iran

Google Maps satellite view of Evin Prison

If you, like me, felt a bit uncomfortable about the Bush administration's "enhanced interrogation techniques" then you need to be joining the chorus of those objecting to how the Iranian regime is extracting "confessions" from opponents.

I've long held that if you torture someone that person will tell you whatever he or she believes you want to hear just to get you to stop. Which is just one reason why, when the United States is interrogating terrorist suspects, torture should be ruled out. There are other reasons as well. Like, it's inhumane.

Now let's focus on Iran, where the regime claims that top reformists have "confessed" to plotting to take down the government aided by training courses outside of Iran. Remember, a current theme in the regime's justification for its barbaric crackdown on the people is its allegation that outside forces are influencing events in Iran.

The hypocrisy of this claim aside (one needs only to look as far as Syria, the Palestinian territories and Lebanon to see Iran's meddling in the affairs of others) - the fact is that it doesn't take much to figure out exactly how these so-called confessions were extracted. If the security forces can be so blatant in their crackdown on the public streets, just imagine what's going on behind the walls of the prisons where the reformists were taken.

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