Monday, July 6, 2009

Iranian Doctors Describe Intimidation From The Government

Iranian doctors speaking to the Paris publication Le Figaro are describing intimidation by the regime including being ordered to turn over to the government the names of those seeking treatment.

The physicians made their comments while in Paris - comments they were afraid to make while still on Iranian soil because of the likelihood of reprisal. One describes what the regime is doing to its own people as a "true crime against humanity."

“Since the beginning of the anti-Ahmadinejad demonstrations, militias and secret police have imposed a policy of terror in the hospitals," one of the doctors, who requested anonymity told Le Figaro.

"They stalk the wounded without mercy,” he said, in order to identify protesters in order to charge them.

The regime claims 17 people have died in Iran as a result of the protests, but the doctors say the actual known number has exceeded 90. Among the dead, a woman who was 8-months pregnant who had been shot near the presidential palace. Six men were killed together. The description another doctor gave Le Figaro is disturbing. “They were killed by neck shot. Their skulls had been crushed and their brains opened, without doubt to retrieve the bullet to remove the traces of the crime," the doctor said.

Doctors told the paper that they were ordered to say the men died on the operating table.

The physicians also said that they had staged sit-in protests in a number of hospitals but that this was reported by state-run media as demonstrations for better pay.


Anonymous said...

And still the UN do nothing more than issue a relatively mild reprimand................ amazing.

Anonymous said...

It's tough to remember all the ways dissidents can be cornered. I'm sure it's very effective, but how sad! And how easy it would be for our own government to employ similar methods. I worry for our freedom to speak out.

Leslie Basden