Saturday, July 4, 2009

Iranian Regime Continues To Try To Shift Blame

Children often blame others for their own transgressions and failings. Having not yet matured to the point where they can accept responsibility for their own decisions. The dog ate my homework adage comes immediately to mind.

But as we get older we generally learn to take responsibility for our actions. Apparently, the regime leaders in Iran never developed to that point. Because they continue to blame others for the discontent in the streets of that nation.

The most recent example is an editorial today in an Iranian newspaper, penned by a top aide to that nation's supreme leader, claiming that opposition presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi is an agent of the United States.

The regime also announced that the chief political analyst at the UK Embassy in Tehran is being charged with "acting against national security."

Hardly anyone outside Iran accepts these allegations. The Iranian ambassadors of every European Union nation, for example, have been summoned to explain why British Embassy staffers were detained in the first place.

And President Obama, to the frustration of Iranian protest supporters in the United States, has been bending over backwards to limit his criticism of even the barbaric response to the protests so as to not give the regime fuel to outrageous accusations like today's.

Tehran is, of course, aware of all this. So the more likely explanation is that the crazy accusations are designed for internal public consumption, to try to whittle away popular support for the resistance. Hopefully, a majority of Iranians come to the same conclusions about these allegations as does the rest of the world.


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