Monday, July 13, 2009

New Palin Spin: She Didn't Quit

Talk about Washington double talk!

U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) says his former running mate, lame duck Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin who just announced she's leaving office before her term expires didn't quit.

"I don't think she quit," McCain told NBC's Meet the Press.

"I just think she changed her priorities."


Meanwhile, Palin is planning to do some serious campaigning for other candidates after leaving office. She's penning a book (which reportedly includes a lucrative advance). And is rumored to be in negotiations to become a talk show host.

So it's possible that McCain is right. She didn't quit life or politics. But she certainly did quit as Alaska's governor.

I haven't seen such Washington spinning since Bill Clinton said, "I didn't have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky!"


Anonymous said...

Well, if she had denied having sex with( pick a name ), democrats wouldn't have bother her so much.

Anonymous said...

AND, a new poll shows her 2nd in the Republican presidential race. As a good friend of mine says, these people are F&$*#! NUTS.

Anonymous said...

Somehow why don't I think that would hold water in my own life. Telling me spouse and those who depend on my paycheck: I didn't quit, I changed my priorities. That would not go over so well. To be fair, Sarah didn't say it. McCain did. And he's about as perceptive as bag of hammers.

Anonymous said...

You resign before your term ends with no threat of criminal prosecution forcing you out but you didn't quit? Sound's like a quitter to me! Can't take the name calling? Ask Hillary or Pelosi how they do it. Or ask the guy that the extreme right, your base, call a Nazi, Marxist, Fascist, Kenyan born,Muslim terrorist how he does it without quitting. In the immortal words of Roberto Duran in his second fight with Sugar Ray Leonard, Gov. Palin, you said "NO mas". Did Governor Palin quit? You betcha!

Anonymous said...

Whether she quit or not is, in the end her business. One thing I do know is that she had something that scared the **** out of the democrats when she was named as McCain's VP choice!!! It was good to see them running round like scalded cats....... and they were sooooo scared, why else would they make up so many lies and author such scathing attacks on the woman if she was a no-brainer?

Anonymous said...

This whole thing with Gov. Palin kind of reminds me of the times when I've been in a job interview--"Well, I wasn't fired from my last job. My Board of Directors and I mutually agreed that the direction of the organization should change which is why I'm seeking this new opportunity."

Yeah, sure.

Walter Blevins

Doug said...

Gary, you must have missed Obama denying he is Muslim, roflmao.

Bahaneh said...

Gary,but you are not denying Hossein is muslem name right???
:)As"Gary" is not Muslem name,,,,
No matter what you are a great Show host, Thank you Gary.