Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New York City Giving Homeless Families Tickets To Ride

The Bloomberg administration has set aside a half-a-million dollars for a unique program designed to get homeless people off the streets and out of the shelters of the city.

If you're homeless in New York and you have a relative someplace else who will take you in, New York City will pay your ticket out-of-Dodge. And there's no limit to where they'll send you on the city's dime.

So far 550 homeless families have opted into the program - one that not only finds a safe place for them to stay - but that also saves the city money. That's because it costs New York City $36,000-a-year to provide shelter to one homeless family.


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Lorrie said...

wow its about time they finally help these homeless people ,,i think it is sad to see them on the streets and in shelters , thank goodness the city came to there senses ,

Anonymous said...

At last a politician with a little sense. I say money well spent and a big up for Mayor Bloomberg.