Wednesday, July 15, 2009

News Talk Online July 15, 2009: Obama Health Care Opponent Fears Private Insurance Collapse


President Obama's health care proposal would pit a government backed insurance system against private insurers. The president says, this is a good thing because the competition will be good for all Americans. Plus, it gives everyone the option of keeping his or her current health insurer provider. No one would be forced into taking a government program.

But that's not sitting well with private health insurance companies, who fear the law would give the government a competitive advantage over them and force some of them out of business.

Joining us at 5 PM New York time today to voice the insurance industry's objection to the plan will be Andy Bunn, a partner at McCarter & English, a New Jersey law firm that represents managed care companies.

Bunn, a litigator who represents his clients in disputes with hospitals and doctors over reimbursement and in disputes with individual policy holders as well as in disputes with other health care plans, says the government plan would be attractive to employers. He fears companies would switch to the government plan which would offer fewer benefits to employees. And the resulting loss of clients could force some private health insurance companies into insolvency.

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Canada Life Insurance said...

Thanks for posting the video. I must say I am all for the Obama health care plan because even though it threatens to kill all the private companies. The new system would be a long needed competition for the privateers. They would finally drop their ridiculous prices and finally the cost of private health care would be affordable...

Take care, Lorne