Monday, July 27, 2009

Obama's Ratings Hit New Low Topic On Paltalk


Last week's USA Today/Gallup Poll gave President Obama a lower approval rating than that facing President Bush at six months into his first term in office. And that was before the furor over his comment that Cambridge police acted "stupidly" when they arrested his friend, Harvard scholar Skip Gates, inside his home.

Many callers to News Talk Online are frustrated over the pace of the economic recovery, worried that the spending the president has already pushed through Congress is bankrupting their children and grandchildren's futures and concerned over who will pay for the health care reform package the president so desperately wants.

But supporters of Obama say there's a concerted campaign to malign the president, with half truths and outright lies promulgated, they say, by the conservative talk show hosts who dominate AM radio in the United States.

One of those supporters, Hal Ginsberg, my guest today on News Talk Online on

Ginsberg owns KRXA 540 AM, a California progressive radio station - one of the very few independently owned and operated radio stations left in the United States. Its all- progressive talk format makes it even more unique.

Since 2007, Hal has hosted the KRXA Morning Show from 8-10 am weekdays. The Morning Show is exciting, fast-paced, and informative.

In 2009, Hal was voted Monterey's Top DJ by the readers of the Monterey County Weekly and was awarded the Spirit of Partnership Award by the NAACP - Monterey Branch.

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