Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Putting Names To The Iran Death Count

The following are the names, dates and sometimes circumstances of death of 34 of those who have reportedly been killed during protests in Iran. This is only a partial list. It's believed that as many as 200 others have died without documentation. The list has been translated from the original Farsi:

HOSAAIN TAHMASEBI 25, 25 of Lhordad in Nobahar street in Kermanshah

BAHAMAN JENABI 20, working in airconditioning shop Tehran

MEHDI KARIMI 25, 25th of Khordad Tehran

NEDA AGHA SOLTAN university student 30th of Khordad

NASER AMIRNEJAD 26, university student 25th Khordad in Tehran

FATEMEH RAJAB POOR 38, 25th of Khordad Mohamad Ali Jenah street Tehran

SARVE BROOMAND 58, 25th of Khordad Mohamad Ali Jenah street Tehran

MOHAMAD HOSAIN BARZEGAR 25, accounting student shot in the head 27th of Khordad

REZA TABATABAI 30, 30th of Khordad by shooting in the head Aazarbayejan street Tehran

IMAN HASHEMI 27, killed by shooting in his eye on 30th Khordad Tehran

MOHSEN HADADI 24, computer programmer 30th of Khordad shot in the forehead

PARISA KOLY 25,university student shot in the neck on 31 of Khordad in Tehran

MOHAMAD NICKZAD 22, university student killed on 26 Khordad shot in the chest Tehran

NELY SHAHEDI 24, died while in police custody 31th of Khordada Tehran

AHMAD AKBARI 34, married with a 3-year-old daughter 30th of Khordad shot in the stomach Tehran

ABOLFAZLE ABDULAHI 21, 30th Khordad shot in back of the head Tehran

SALAR TAHMASEBI 27, university student 30th Khordad shot in the forehead

SALAHSHHOR 25, Hit on the head with a baton and died of internal bleeding in hospital 25th of Khordad

VAHID REZA TABATABI 29, 3rd of Tire shot in the head

KYANOOSH ASAA university student, 25th of Khordad by shooting Tehran

ASHKAN SOHRABI, 18, 30th of Khordad by shooting Tehran

FARZAD JASHNI 30th of Khordad by shooting

MOSTAFA GHANIAN Tehran University student, 25th Khordad inside the university

NASER NADER 30th of Khordad in the city of Babol

MASOOD KHOSRANI 25 Khordad Tehran

MASOOD HASHEMI 30th of Khordad Tehran

IMAN NAMAZI university student 25th of Khordad inside the university


The partial names of six others were also reportedly killed on the 25th of Khordad:


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