Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rape Rampant In Afghanistan

I've long questioned where the women's rights organizations are on the treatment of women in much of the Muslim world. Is it because they are afraid to speak out against religious practices? Or that they believe suppression of women is OK if it's in the name of religion?

The fact that, in general, the female victim of a sexual assault is considered the guilty party in Muslim countries is, in itself, deplorable. But what the UN is warning about Afghanistan goes even further.

A Reuters story quotes the United Nations' human rights representative in Afghanistan as saying unreported and unprosecuted rape is a "huge problem" in that nation.

The yet unreleased report to which Norah Niland refers says that rape is a daily experience. And, more often than not, the victim is not only the one who is vilified, but is often forced to either marry her assailant or face prosecution for having sexual relations outside of marriage.

Here's another interesting fact. The report says a full one-third of the rapists are government officials who can sexually assault women with impunity.

This is, remember, a government that is supported and even lauded by the United States.

It's interesting to note that in the debate over treatment of women in much of the Muslim world, there are those who say Muslim women are protected. That they are not sexually objectified as are women in the western world. That's why women in many countries - including Afghanistan - are covered by burqas.

But if that's the case, why then is rape such a huge problem in that nation?

More importantly, it's time the world speaks out against this barbaric treatment of women. Respect for and tolerance of religious differences and practices is one thing. But when those traditions translate into human rights violations it's time to speak out.


Anonymous said...

It is very sad that many women are abused by men in many nations. Even nations that have granted "equal rights" seem to have the problem. In a nation that is reputed to be run by a "religion" or at least a "religious aspect" one would think maybe women would be respected and not abused. Sad that it is NOT the case. It is also sad that a lot of it reportively goes unreported to authorities for fear of retribution or "shaming" the family. Having to live in fear is NOT a life, it is an existence at best. Rape is one of those "dirty little secrets" that is NOT so little. Unfortunately both women and men have been raped in this world and have to live a life of internal death. The fear, anguish, and desperation that a rape victim lives with is not something many understand or can even begin to. One day, maybe, rape will be a true thing of the past and people will let other people have a safe and honorable life.....the southern gentleman

maiddy78_1 said...

I m agree with ur report gary its the time to raise voice against this type of shameful activities.But this report is very important to aware people through out the world.

Anonymous said...

As sad as this is, I'm glad it's being reported. I think all nations should speak out. This is an opportunity for the United Nations to speak out. I have little hope they will. Maybe the internet will help get the message out.

Anonymous said...

Education education education..... this is what women in many of these Islamic dominated countries need. Until we in the West realise that and begin to address it then trying to ensure democracy in place will not be entirely successful. Mind you, when the religion dictates that a woman has only half the brain of a woman what more can you expect?

Anonymous said...

AFGHAN JUSTICE: Rape my daughter, I rape your mother
After serving only a few years of an 11-year sentence, the rapists were pardoned and set free by Afghan President Karzai.

I guess it's a sign of progress that they didn't stone the rape victims to death as is customary in Islam.

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