Saturday, July 11, 2009

Report: Cheney Concealed Counterterrorism Program From Congress

In a blockbuster story that has long ranging political and possible legal implications, the New York Times is reporting that the CIA withheld from Congress details of a secret counterterrorism program for eight years on the direct orders of then-Vice President Dick Cheney.

The keeping from the intelligence committees of both chambers of Congress information on the program appears to be in direct contradiction of the law.

According to the Times, CIA Director Leon Panetta ordered a halt to the program late last month when he learned of its existence from subordinates.

The Times says attempts to reach Cheney for comment have thus far been unsuccessful.


James said...

While the question of clandestine counterterrorism operations outside
the knowlege of congressional leaders is one of debate, I believe counterterrorism is a necessary evil when considering the national security of The United States of America.

The World According to T.D. Tourney said...

Plausible Deni ability I believe was the intention directed by Cheney and the Bush Administration. What Congress did not know would not hurt them and there constituents they represented. This was not what this government was designed to represent to it's people they serve "honorably".
This type of illegal mandated operations is clearly and injustice to the people of the United States of America. "We the People" no longer applied to the past administration.
I am a firm believer in informing Congress of all the actions of an administration. After all, isn't that why we have voted them into office? To represent the people? Why would a presidential administration hide covert activity unless the covert operation would have been so deemed illegal.
I believe Cheney should be indicted if there is sufficient evidence to warrant a criminal investigation. No more Congressional Hearings that are designed to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people.

Anonymous said...

this is what happens, when you don't live in a democracy. the various nobles direct their areas of the bureaucracy as they please, and they are obeyed.

if the cia was working for the citizens, it's managers would not take unlawful orders, and there would be few politicians crazy enough to issue them.

but the fundamental questions of sovereignty and legitimacy are never discussed. in consequence the resulting continual collisions between reality and the national myths are discussed endlessly, but never resolved.

al loomis

Anonymous said...

Maybe Cheney didn't want the details of our troop movements and war plans spread all over the front pages of the Washington Post and the NY Times? NAWWW that would NEVER happen! LOL

Anonymous said...

Are ridiculous stories like this meant to deflect people's thoughts from thinking about:
-14 million americans unemployed.
-9.5% unemployment and rising.
-cap and trade.
-national health care, Canadian style.
-the Supreme Court nominee's checkered past.
-a SECOND stimulus package, the first being nothing more than a gift to democrats?

Now that we have assured ourselves of the comfort and well being of the marsh mouse, can we put humans back to work?

Anonymous said...

Anything to take your eyes off what Obama is doing. Since the Times is a liberal newspaper, I shall wait for the truth to rise to the top before making an opinion. I don't consider protecting our troops a bad thing.