Sunday, July 5, 2009

Showdown In Honduras Could Be Hours Away

Exiled Pres. Manuel Zelaya says he will return to Honduras today to reclaim his office - a return that could lead to bloodshed in the streets of Tegucigalpa.

Meanwhile, the Organization of American States has expelled Honduras for the forced removal of Zelaya, the nation's duly elected president.

Zelaya's opponents say he wanted to change the law to extend his term of office so the military coup was necessary to prevent a dictatorship. Zelaya denies he intends to remain in office after his term expires in January.

In another example of the military helping the people decide what's best for them, Honduran soldiers shot out the tires of buses carrying pro-Zelaya demonstrators to the presidential palace where 10,000 others are reportedly gathered.

Even though the OAS and the UN General Assembly support Zelaya, there are those who actually justify his expulsion at gunpoint from the country on the grounds that the referendum he was trying to push goes against the will of the people. It's too bad those individuals don't support the due process and checks and balances represented by the courts and Congress of Honduras.

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