Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sneaking Bombs Into Federal Buildings

Just yesterday I was walking by Foley Square in lower Manhattan where all the federal, state and city courts and other government offices are located and noticed the long lines to get into the buildings.

What a pain - you can't just walk into a government building any longer to do business, court watch or admire the outstanding architecture. Because it takes you so long to go through security.

Well, at least the buildings are protected. You can feel safe inside.

Or can you?

Not necessarily so. A Government Accounting Office report reveals that investigators testing security at 10 federal buildings guarded by Federal Protective Services officers were able to sneak bombs past the guards manning those irritating checkpoints.

Not tiny knives or box cutters (bad enough as the lessons of 9/11 tell us). But bombs. Bombs!

How they did it was this. They brought in the bombs disassembled. Assembled them inside the buildings. And walked around with them - totally undetected.

Now, I know the federal government has a lot on its plate right now - what with busy bailing out Government Motors and the banks, stimulating the economy and fighting two wars. So perhaps this isn't high on the list of priorities. But I can assure you that, God forbid, should a terrorist - not a government investigator - get a bomb into one of these buildings and blow it up, you'll suddenly see a scurry of activity to secure every single federal building in the country. Congressional hearings will be held. People will be demanding blood. Some people will lose their jobs.

Great. As usual, government will rise to the occasion only after blood is spilled.

For once, ladies and gentlemen in Washington. For once, could you please do something about this before a tragedy occurs?


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Andyuk41 said...

Yes, it is Absolutely Scandulous and Dereliction of Homeland Security if Investigators were able to Smuggle in Parts of Bombs to be reassembled in a Public National Building. Actions Has to be Taken now to find out.. the Weakness in the Security it Systemic or Individual Weakness that allows this to Happen. Let not Blood be spilt in Public Buildding and let Save Human Lives in Retributions. Thanks Gary for Reporting that Important Weakness for Public Safety.