Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stop The Race Baiting Already!

Fox News Channel's Glen Beck on Tuesday accused President Obama of being a racist. Causing angst for his new bosses at News Corp and maybe relieving his former employer, CNN, of some of the sting of his defecting to the competition.

Now writer Roberto Lovato, who has been a guest on News Talk Online on, says that Obama is continuing a Bush policy of racially profiling immigrants.

This whole racial business has been simmering under the surface ever since Obama tossed his hat into the campaign ring. Early on, the Secret Service began investigating a higher-than-usual number of threats against candidate and then President Obama. Too many people publicly predicted he'd be assassinated in office. Not because they are racists, of course. But, well, you know, they said, there are others in this nation who can't stand the thought of a black man in the White House.

Of course, on the other side of that coin, there are those who voted for Obama because of the color of his skin and not all of them were black. There are those who factored his race positively into their vote because they felt that it was time to heal the racial rift that has divided many in this country for so many years.

Guys like Glen Beck (he's not the only person behind the microphone making these kinds of comments you know) should temper their rhetoric. Sorry to say but their ratings do not take precedence over what's best for the nation. And to imply the president is racist because one doesn't like our immigration policy is nearly equally foolhardy. The nation has always set quotas when deciding how many people can emigrate here from what nations. And those quotas - perhaps with some modification - will be in effect long after Obama leaves office.

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Anonymous said...

While Glen Beck is often, shall we say, somewhat "out there" he is using the wrong term when he says Obama is "race baiting." No, what Obama has done most recently could better be called "race dividing."

Take this recent faux pas (being polite here) over the flap with Louis Gates. If one reads the incident reports (one from Officer Crowley, the arresting officer, and one from the officer representing the Harvard Campus Police) what one sees is a Professor using "race" as a reason for acting ridiculous in response to a legitimate police activity.

Obama, on national television, called the Cambridge Police out, saying the "police acted stupidly."

How about a carte blanche for any person of any race to cry "foul" if, for some reason, they think something racial is going on?

Note I said THINK, not KNOW.

I submit that Beck is partially correct. Obama's poll numbers are tanking, even among Blacks and other minorities. His response was, in my opinion, an attempt to suck up to the waning masses by using an event and blowing it out his butt.

-LD McLellan