Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Story Of Iran's 'Other' Mousavi Emerging - A Family's Struggle To Find Their Daughter

By now we've all heard the story of Mir Houssein Mousavi, the Iranian presidential candidate who believes his votes were stolen from him. But I want to tell you about another Mousavi, a beautiful young woman who has been missing for days and who may, or may not, still be alive.

This story is culled from Twitter feeds, dispatches from contacts in Iran, discussions with expatriate Iranian journalists and Iranian experts. Obviously, it's impossible to verify. But like Neda Soltan, the young woman who was gunned down and died on camera near a demonstration in Tehran, Taraneh Mousavi is becoming a cause celeb among the freedom loving people of Iran and their supporters world wide.

From what I've been able to piece together, Taraneh disappeared on June 25. She and some friends were detained by the authorities. Her friends were released. She was not.

Her family knows this much from accounts from her released companions.

For days the family searched for Taraneh - and for information about her - but the authorities were not forthcoming. Then came word that she had been hospitalized, the victim of a car accident. But a quick trip to the hospital found no record of her being there. Still, medical personnel were kind enough to say, yes, a woman matching Taraneh's description had been brought in, in critical condition. She had injuries consistent with a violent sexual assault.

The family still has no idea about her whereabouts or even if she is alive. Iran's sadistic militia is apparently telling her parents that she had sexual relations outside of marriage and that, depressed, she attempted suicide. The more likely explanation is that she was raped while in custody and taken, unconscious, to the hospital.

The family continues to search for Taraneh Mousavi - or at least some word about her whereabouts and condition. But like the families of so many other missing people in Iran, the mystery of her disappearance at the hands of the authorities may never be solved.


Anonymous said...

Women are always the biggest losers in dictatorships and theocracies. If you are a women living outside of a democracy, you have no chance. Even as we hang onto our rights with white knuckles. Day in and day out women across the globe are brutalized and killed. Tragic and horrifying.

Deborah Young

maiddy78_1 said...

Cowardly savages! Hell is too good a place for these demons in human form. When the Iranians take back their country these devils must be routed out and tried for their crimes against the Noble Iranian People! GOOD REPORT GARY

Anonymous said...

This is why women's rights is still an important issue. This is why feminism is still a fight.

My heart goes out to this beautiful woman and her family.

Gwendolyn Glover