Saturday, July 25, 2009

Time To Stop Discounting Swine Flu Warnings

Airline passengers in Argentina

The news media did us all a disservice by overplaying the swine flu story when it first broke.

At the time there was really no indication that it would cause massive numbers of Americans to die. The story deserved reporting, but the breathless overselling of it in the name of ratings numbed the public to the dangers of swine flu. So that now, when there are real indications that 10s of millions of Americans could contract the swine flu, few of us are paying attention.

The USA was fortunate that the swine flu initially struck in the spring. But the ramifications during the upcoming flu season can be far more devastating.

One needs only to look at Argentina to understand this. It's wintertime - flu season - in Argentina now. And that nation has seen swine flu deaths second only to the United States. Public gatherings have been cancelled there. It's a real problem. One that could likely, according to the CDC, be replicated here this winter.


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Anonymous said...

The swine flu is spreading like wildfire here in Norway right now. It doesn't seem to be killing anyone, though, so I don't think it will be that much more dangerous than the regular flu epidemics we get every year. Of course, those are deadly enough, but we don't usually panic over them. Most people will be alright, but those who are already weak should protect themselves (within reason).

Anonymous said...

We will see the effects of pandemic flu here this winter. People lose interest in this stuff when they get over informed. The fear is gone, swine flu was so last year. We will see a rappid change of attitude once people start dying. Likely be a panic for a while. Me? when they offer the shot I'm getting it.

Anonymous said...

I really think I had the stuff last January. I've never been so sick with any flu-like illness. Lost 10 lb. in four days, was sick for six weeks - I truly thought at one point that I might die - and that's a scary feeling. I hope that if there's an epidemic this winter, it isn't whatever I had, because I can easily see those who are most vulnerable not being able to withstand such an illness.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. It's bad in Chile too, I'm told. And I couldn't agree more with your assessment of the new media's irresponsible handling of the disease.

Pablo Manriquez

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time with these people wearing masks. I don't believe anyone infected in Argentina is able to fly and are being quarantined for 3 weeks.

The picture was either a photo op to instill fear or these people are overly paranoid. The H1N1 virus was recently mistakenly released to 18 countries by Baxter the very company that applied for a patent for the virus vaccine in Aug 08. Jane Burgermeister an Austrian reporter has filed a lawsuit with the FBI against members of the Obama Admin and WHO for potentially profiting from the release of this Virus.

Below please find several websites where you can find credible documentation of what is being said here:

Is anyone even aware that NLE09 begins tomorrow and how it could be a training exercise for martial law when the virus begins again this fall? You can read about it here

Anonymous said...

Must be hell for anyone living in Argentina who planned to visit the USA!!!!!

Anonymous said...

it is totally the opposite to fly to USA from Argentina, Brazil or Chile , we had been through all this getting the right treatment and preventions,we had experienced it , and having the chance to get the generics medicine that it is free to everyone ,
the only complications , are for people who suffer other diseases as neumonias ,asma and heart problems
this is a new virus that the system has not inmunology and the vaccine and antivirals has to fight with this , that it takes 10 days in quarantine .
the most important the meassures that could be taken at colleges in usa and all countries that fall and winter will come , where the virus spread in a very fast way out of control, when in Argentina took the decision of closing the schools and centers where people are more exposed , it is when the pandemia started to slow down.
With the help of the Pharmaceutical campaign and hospital along the country it was possible that people get access to the right treatment , Brazil is doing the same in spite their winter is more warmer , but they have a high rate and the goverment of Lula is taking care directly in this issue ,to stop the spreading .
right , the masks only is for infected people , and they should stay at home , and this people couldnt be able to fly , till the virus is gone , (10 to 15 days ) if there is no other complication in each cases ,
it is important that people who could die is not for the swine flu it is by other issues that the inmunology system couldnt reply ,
so the paranoia or panic for this swine flu virus is esential to control and take the right decisions and preventions.