Friday, July 10, 2009

News Talk Online July 10. 2009: TV Show Gives Kids Live Reenactment Of Mother's Suicide Bomb Death

While the rest of the world pushes for peace in the Middle East, Hamas TV continues to indoctrinate Palestinian children in a culture of hate and support for the "martyrdom" of suicide bombers.

In an almost inconceivable display of brainwashing of children, a Palestinian children's TV show brought on as its special guest the children of a woman who committed a suicide bombing against Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint. Together, the young hostess of the show, a group of children, and the son and daughter of the dead bomber, watched a live re-enactment of her final moments.

To add to the festive mood, an actor in a big bunny suit was on the set with them.

I can only begin to imagine the affect this has on the developing minds of the two beautiful motherless children.


consumerkim said...

There are no words for this, Gary.

ElusiveAngel said...

And one has to wonder why this world is going to hell in a handbasket. Sigh... If we continue to preach and to teach hate. We will return to the middle dark ages. Where no one felt safe. No one trusted anyone. The world became full of lies and deceit and where there were those that were out to get what little you had. Is this the world to which we want to return to? This is not a forward motion into the future but a return to the days of old. We are doing nothing more than repeating history and have learned absolutely NOTHING. Of all of creation only humans are the most vile, heinous, murderous of creation. We turn on each other like rabid beasts.And we have the audacity to call animals beasts. Are animals more civilized than we are? It is no wonder that God at one time felt regret that he had created man and decided to wipe us from the face of this earth.Have we truly learned nothing? How much further will we push for him to again feel regret in creating humans. The scriptures say that we are created in God's image. From the way we behave under the guise of claiming to be his children. We are infact vipers. Life means nothing to us. And out of one side of the mouth we make sensational claims of being God fearing and lie with the other side of our mouth to ourselves and to others.

Anonymous said...

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It's a classic financial cycle. But then again I told my brother to buy in March and he ignored me. My stocks have quadrupled in value while his have continued to decline.