Wednesday, July 8, 2009

White House (Cyber) Attacked

The Associated Press is reporting that the White House, Pentagon and the New York Stock Exchange were among targets of a cyber attack that officials in South Korea - a nation that was also victimized - believe originated in North Korea.

According to the AP, the computer systems at the Treasury Department, the Secret Service and the Federal Trade Commission were all brought down at one time or another.

This is an evolving problem - that of cyber terrorism - one that needs to be seriously addressed. One doesn't have to be a fan of the TV show 24 to know that there are all kinds of scenarios out there - vulnerabilities that could be exploited by cyber attacks. Government, commerce and personal computer users are all at risk.

As we all rely more and more on computers and the Internet, the mitigation of such attacks should be a priority. The fact that whoever was responsible for this affected operations at the highest level of government should serve as a wake up call to us all.

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