Thursday, July 9, 2009

White Supremacist/Islamic Terrorist Alliance Alleged

A report published by Alternet alleges that a meeting took place between white supremacists and Islamic terrorists following the 9/11 attacks. A meeting that Alternet maintains the FBI is aware of, but is not revealing.

The report criticizes the FBI for not making it public because it wanted to preserve its information gathering techniques. But of greater interest, in my opinion, is that there would be such an alliance - or an attempt at an alliance - in the first place.

Clearly, Muslims do not fit the profile of a typical white supremacist, most of who identify themselves as Christian and - well - white. Because many Muslims come from Arab and Asian nations and heritages, and more, in the United States, are black converts, it would seem that these haters of people born with darker skin hues would shy away from such an association.

But Islamic terrorists and white supremacists do have one thing in common. They all hate Jews. So, supposing the report, which says both sides expressed admiration for Adolph Hitler, is accurate, I guess in that they find a common bond.

Now that the story is out, I'd like to see some kind of response from the FBI. Not about the meeting specifically, but whether its seen any indication of a compact between Islamic and white supremacist terror groups.

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