Saturday, July 4, 2009

Why Is Palin Bolting?

Sarah Palin's unexpected announcement that she is leaving office early comes as a surprise to most political observers who had expected the Alaskan governor to not seek re-election but had never had figured an early departure from the statehouse.

Palin was rumored to be contemplating a run for the White House in 2012. And some pundits are speculating that's why she's leaving office early. She says that it would be unfair to the Alaskan people to saddle them with a lame duck governor after she'd made the decision to not seek re-election. But there are others who speculate that there's a more nefarious reason: a pending scandal that, they predict, is about to erupt.

Only time will tell if those who, perhaps gleefully, predict a scandal are right. But it's way too soon for her to leave office and begin campaigning for president. So it's entirely possible there are other, unseen, factors at play here.

If there is a scandal brewing it will be interesting to see if it predates her run for vice president. If it does, the Republican Party leadership will have to - again - answer tough questions about the vetting process that led to her nomination as John McCain's running mate.

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