Saturday, July 11, 2009

World Currency Proposed To Replace Greenback

This is a story that's not getting a lot of attention. But it's causing some who have heard about it some angst.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is proposing a new world currency to be the new standard. Displacing the U.S. dollar as the "gold standard."

Why he even had an example of the proposed new currency minted to show it off.

Medvedev says a loss of confidence in U.S. currency for global reserves and the interdependence of the world's economy means the time for a unified international currency has come.


Danielle said...

Nice to see Russia find a new use for the humble potato. I imagine Ireland will be stoked when they hear that they have now become the wealthiest country on the planet!!

Anonymous said...

You can't be 'reporting' about Russia our friends, correct? Russia or any country against USA will try to break us. This is only the beginning. Weak govt causes these things to happen.

Anonymous said...

Russia's not the only country talking about this, so is China. It's been a suggestion for quite some time.
I can't see that this won't eventually happen. You can't have a President who's a 'globalist' and then not expect him to support it! I suppose the answer would be............. elect your politicians who care more about the country than their own ambitions for being the ruler of the world!!!!!
And who would administer this global currency?? The bankers? Maybe. An individual country? Nah. I know, how about an international organisation that we all subscribe to??? Of course, the U.N.!!!

Andyuk41 said...

Any Monetary Experts or Economist out there that can Shed More Light on this Subject.. How Will it pan out ? Etc Etc Etc.. Thanks.