Sunday, July 5, 2009

Zelaya's Fate Remains Up In The Air - Literally

I don't know if exiled Honduran Pres. Manuel Zelaya should be tried on treason charges as the interim government is threatening. His detractors allege he circumvented the law by failing to implement laws passed by Congress and by trying to force a referendum that might have extended his term in office. But those who overthrew his government by military coup broke the law as well.

Zelaya tried to return to Tegucigalpa today. But military vehicles blocked the runways so his plane couldn't land. He is vowing to try again on Monday or Tuesday.

The Associated Press is reporting that confrontations at the airport turned violent with 30 injured and one person fatally shot.

The interim government should negotiate a way for Zelaya to peacefully return to Honduras. And a mechanism should be put into place to adjudicate claims on both sides. The leaders of a number of Latin American nations also stand ready to help broker a peaceful solution to the standoff.

In the meantime, the Organization of American States is right to toss Honduras out. And the UN General Assembly did the right thing in censuring Zelaya's forced ouster.

Let's hope calmer heads prevail before there's an escalation of the violence and increased numbers of casualties.

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