Saturday, August 1, 2009

America's Mayor May Run For New York's Governor

Rudy Giuliani, who as mayor of New York captured the nation's - and the world's - attention for his calm, measured response to the 9/11 attacks - earning him the unofficial title of America's mayor - is now contemplating running for governor of New York.

Giuliani's last quest for public office - president of the United States - ended when he failed to gather enough primary votes to become the nominee of the Republican Party.

Giuliani is best known for his crisis management. Prior to his handling of the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks he took over a debt and crime ridden city and is credited with turning both those issues around. It's no secret that New York's state government is a mess - and that's just what attracts Giuliani to the prospect of running for governor.

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Anonymous said...

What part of America is he mayor in? The same part where the Dallas Cowboys are America's team? Another philandering Republican. Also, he did not turn the New York City economy around. He left it shambles and that was pre-9/11. The guy is an arrogant fraud. He should run for governor of Alaska. They have lower standards than most states.