Monday, August 3, 2009

Clearwater Says Goodbye To Old Glory

Clearwater City Manager Bill Horne before
the flags were removed

OK, we all know that local and state governments are hurting because of declining tax bases due to the economic downturn. And we expect that there will be some cuts along the way. But deciding to stop flying the American flag? Well, that's downright unpatriotic.

Yet that's the decision that was made by the Parks and Recreation Department boss in Clearwater, Florida. The city, he decided, can't afford to maintain 13 flagpoles and their American flags. So he ordered them dismantled.

I can't imagine it's that costly to fly the American flag over Clearwater. I also can't imagine that some service organizations wouldn't jump at the chance to each maintain at least one flagpole. The Boy Scouts, the American Legion and the VFW come immediately to mind.

This decision was shortsighted and stupid. Especially at a time when members of our armed services are called to action in fields of combat. It's wrong, and, yes, unpatriotic, to be taking down Old Glory over Clearwater!


3aroos alba7er said...

With this economy I'm not surprised of anything anymore. Although...he can maintain his flags for free through donation. =/

Anonymous said...

What's with these people?
I am sure there would be enough people who are outraged enough over this that they would contribute towards maintaining them.
It makes me wonder what agenda is actually running in this case.

Anonymous said...

How bout maybe getting rid of some of the other maybe the dinner meetings or cutting back on business entertainment? Hmmm really sad what is happening in America anymore

Jay said...

I'm thinking they need to get their priorities right!