Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fabricating DNA

It's now been determined that it's possible to fabricate DNA evidence.

DNA - which we've been led to believe proves absolute guilt - or - in the case of the great work of the Innocence Project and others - absolute innocence.

It's used to positively identify bodies. It was just used to prove that a Canadian woman who was being held by the Kenyans as an impostor was who she claimed to be - so she could be released, returned to her country and reunited with her son.

The shocking part of the research which shows that DNA evidence can be made up is that it's fairly easy to do. Of course, it's really unlikely that any criminals would take the time to fabricate DNA while they are on the scene of a crime. But the knowledge that it's possible may be just enough to place doubt in the minds of some jurors in the future. And the widespread use of DNA in court hearings will likely now face legal challenge.

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