Friday, August 14, 2009

News Talk Online August 14, 2009: Father Of American Public Opinion Research Talks About The Ineffectiveness Of Town Hall Meetings

As protests rage on across the country and Americans continue to make little headway in the health care debate, a key question has yet to be answered: Why town halls aren’t the right venue to discuss health care reform legislation?

The father of American public opinion research, Daniel Yankelovich, was my guest today on News Talk Online on to discuss why town hall meetings are not working. He provided findings from a new type of research conducted by Viewpoint Learning, which is co-founded by Yankelovich, that shows a better way for leaders to engage the public during this critical time.

Yankelovich is the founder of the New York Times/Yankelovich Poll, which is today the CBS/New York Times Poll. He pioneered many of the research techniques that are today’s standard in the field and has more than 50 years experience in tracking U.S. public opinion.

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DangerRus said...

Could an unelected congressional employee write the final draft of a Healthcare Bill?

A vocal population attending the town hall meetings across the country are dead set against healthcare reform. Many of these antagonists are ill informed or willfully misinforming on the reality of the various bills being crafted. The defenders of the proposals have also misinformed about the policies of the bill and have claimed support where none existed. If this trend continues we can see that it might become next to impossible for President Obama to garner the necessary threshold in the Senate of 60%. The Democrats only hold 58/100 seats though there is one independent and one independent democrat that could be swayed to the Democrat cause. If there is a shortfall this would most likely lead President Obama to go to the reconciliation process to pass a Healthcare Bill. Under the reconciliation process it is the charge of the now Senate Parliamentarian, Alan Frumim, to craft the final draft legislation.

Frumim's Healthcare Bill in his own words to Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad, could look like "Swiss Cheese". A Bill created through the reconciliation process has to be written in relation to its impacts on the budget whether it be revenues or debt. Each section must be reviewed and judged on this merit. Items probably being tossed out under the Frumim Bill are:

1) Creation of a Government run insurer.
2) Prevention initiatives(wellness).
3) Barring private insurers from denying coverage.

So no matter what the sentiment of the President we may find the pressure from the public will force this to reconciliation in which both Democrats and Republicans have already mounted a campaign to lobby our unelected Senate referee. It's a tough job but someone has to do it. Best of luck Mr. Frumim, we understand your job will not be easy and you will no doubt you have not many friends after you finish. Sorry if the tasks falls to you.