Monday, August 24, 2009

FBI Terrorist Interrogation Policy Recommended - CIA Out In The Cold?

Attorney General Eric Holder today recommended that the administration establish a specialized interrogation group to bring together officials from law enforcement, the U.S. intelligence community and the Defense Department to ensure that any future interrogations of terror suspects are not done in an extra judicial manner. The recommendations were developed by a task force established in response to allegations of torture or other enhanced interrogation of detainees.

The announcement reportedly has strained relations between the FBI and the CIA and one news organization, NBC, reported that CIA Director Leon Panetta was so angered that he threatened to quit. Both the White House and the CIA are denying the report.

Also recommended are procedures to ensure that the transferring of prisoners from one country to another complies with U.S. law.

“The new policies ... will allow us to draw the best personnel from across the government to conduct interrogations that will yield valuable intelligence and strengthen our national security,” Holder said.

The White House is denying that this signals a rift between the FBI and the CIA.

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