Sunday, August 9, 2009

Finally An Iran Official Acknowledges What We All Already Know

It's a bit amazing that it took this long to admit it but Iran's police chief is now acknowledging for the first time that prisoners arrested following that nation's presidential election were abused while in custody.

But he continues to insist that those who died while incarcerated succumbed to illnesses, not abuse. Hard to believe given the condition of their released bodies.

One would think, with all the evidence and outcry among the Iranian people that nations of the world, including the United States, wouldn't be so timid in their condemnation of the obvious horrific human rights abuses going on in Iran. But they are, which is why it's so important for the citizens of the world to join those in Iran in protest over what's going on there.


Anonymous said...

Gary.. This Revelation is only Because. the Victims and their Relatives are too Many for the Iranian Authorities to Ignore. But then again its typical of Abusers to try to cover up their Wicked Deeds. as Always.. Why Do the Iranian People Believe in Islam .. when the Wise ones in Quorm is Silent about it? Does Islam Condones Human Rights Abuses and Murder of those who Dare to Protest against Wrong Doings and Cheatings ? Lets Hear it from those Wise Ones in Qourm or maybe.. their Next Meal Also comes from the Supreme Leader and his Hench Men ?

ChristtrueMessiah said...

Shame on everyone and every institution that keeps silent on the horrific things that happen in Iran

fnthngs said...

Keep up the good work Gary and let the the voices of the abused and dead Iranians be heard.

Anonymous said...

Nations do make such charges all the time against each other. Unfortunately, if you were to observe 'Let He Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone' then what you have left is the question 'Who is the Biggest Hypocrite ?'
The contest for that honour has a lineup as well.
Do you read 'alternative media' or do you spend your time going around in circles ? The reason I ask is that I can not so much as look at a picture of Gitmo prisoners with hoods on and kneeling on the ground without recognizing sensory deprivation and stress positions!
Bagram AFB is being expanded because of the promise to close Gitmo. Extraordinary rendition may have been CIA programs ; but they were assisted by many governments.
Just reading the original report on torture - and it does not meet any criteria for interrogation, being a method tio secure false confessions - is instructive.
Taquaba Report - Investigation of the 800th Military Police Brigade
The U.S. has a 40 year history of torture,0,6987276.story
Nor is Congress ignorant of matters
Check out the 2002 American Servicemen's Protection Act.
Iran ? Egypt . Burma/Myanmar. Iraq. Umpteen dictatorships supported by 'the West'.
I've followed the torture question for years. It's going nowhere : despite formal international agreements 'outlawing' it. In the U.S. the death penalty applies to those utilizing it ! Not going to happen.

John Farnham

Anonymous said...

And Amnesty International is where? Oh yeah...nowhere!

It's been a damned tragedy that once again we've let down the Iranian people when they did the right thing. We ignored the protests, Obama actually calculated that they would make no headway so made nice with the killers in power. And this is why America is hated sometimes, because we don't do the right thing. And the right thing was/is to side with the Iranian people who are fighting for freedom, not side with their oppressive dictators in power.

Deborah Young

Gary Baumgarten said...


I presume you're not a regular reader of this blog or have ever listened to my show but, to answer your question, yes, I've reported on and have been critical of maltreatment of prisoners at the hands of the U.S. government.

That being said, what we are seeing in Iran, the massive violent crackdown on peaceful demonstrators including beatings and murder makes U.S. transgressions pale in comparison. Are you suggesting that unless the United States government is absolutely innocent of ANY human rights violations it lacks authority to decry those in Iran?

Anonymous said...

And they only came clean knowing they couldn't get away with BSing about it.

Shahriar Shahabi

Anonymous said...


As a regular contributor the News Talk Online I would suggest that you are way off base.
Gary has avowed that the plight of the Iranian people is an issue he will not just allow to die - while ever there is a need for their voices to be heard outside of Iran.
What I have to ask you, is, why do you seek to divert the attention from the struggle the Iranian people are engaged in by obfuscation?

Maybe you should be asking question of the United Nations, or maybe Amnesty International.

Anonymous said...

Oogah. Want to read documented cases of local cops hassling medical marijuana clinics? Or homeless Americans? Or black Americans? No, sorry, not enough to warrant Israel's desperate wish to get its golem to smack another one of its neighbors for it. And a glimpse at most any map made after the Christian dark ages will reveal that Iraq, currently occupied by the US, is in between Iran and Israel.

Iranian abuse of prisoners? Horrors! We ought to attack them post haste, then. WE would never abuse a prisoner in this great country.

Gordon Wagner

Gary Baumgarten said...

Oh Gordon,

Where do you extrapolate from my comments a suggestion that we attack Iran?

Are we so ashamed of our own nation's transgressions that we've abrogated our right and responsibility to speak out against those of others?

Apparently our government's missteps indemnify us from pressuring others on their more egregious human rights violations. It's an easy out, I suppose, but not the morally correct stance to take.