Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fox News Kicks Butt

Whopping ratings for Beck

Last week I reported that a poll showed that the Fox News Channel's audience is pretty narrow. It translated into an imagery of angry white middle aged men and other disenfranchised Americans sitting before the screen as their collective blood pressures merged into some kind of volcanic eruption each time the name Obama or the words health reform were uttered. But if that poll is accurate, there must be a LOT of angry white guys in America.

That's because last week the FNC came in as number two. No, not as number two in the rating wars between the other cable news networks. Number two in basic cable altogether.

The only cable channel that fared better than Fox was the USA network.

And as for the controversial Fox pundit Glenn Beck: he may be losing advertisers, but those who remain are surely paying a premium to be associated with a show that had, last week, its best ratings ever.

Remember when the first Gulf War pushed CNN into prominence? Well a new war is raging - over health reform. And those who are dubious about the plan turn to Fox to stay on top of every battle. Instead of watching scuds land in Israel and bombs drop on Baghdad, they watch for verbal confrontations at and outside town hall meetings.

As for the aforementioned CNN, my dear alma mater ranked 26th in prime time and 23rd in total day. MSNBC ranked 24th in prime and 32nd in total day.

Say what you will about perceived slanted coverage at Fox, but its programming clearly resonates with a significant segment of the population. Too popular to be just watched by angry white men.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. Didn't realize the numbers were that strong for FOX. Thanks for sharing

Cam Smith