Saturday, August 8, 2009

Glenn Beck 'Jokes' About Poisoning Pelosi

Just when you thought the political discourse in the nation couldn't go lower, Fox News Channel's Glenn Beck "jokes" about putting poison in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's wine.


Anonymous said...

Anyone recall what Alec Baldwin said about Henry Hyde during Bill Clinton's impeachment?

Brian Keith Evans

Anonymous said...

Hello from Bullbreed

Well maybe the Obama administration tried to get good ol Glen to give nancy some wine lol.

After all she is a road block to Obama making the kind of change he was hoping for concerning lobbying and pork in bills.

Of course that is assuming Obama was sincere in his election promises.


Anonymous said...

You mean to tell me an educated person on television laughs about poisoning the Speaker of the House. That isn't funny. That's the juice of umpteen murder mystery novels. Not real news.

Maureen McDonald

Anonymous said...

All the non Al-Qaeda terrorists must be very happy today.

Deborah Young

Anonymous said...

We are witnessing verbal killing sprees. WFB is rolling in his grave,

Martin Di Caro

Anonymous said...

yes, he did go too far, in that respect, a few times. yet, maybe he respects the American intellect, unlike the Bush and Obama Administrations, and, therefore, knows that they will not go on a "killing spree" as a result of his words/intent/meaning.

Jane Smith

Anonymous said...

Oh please, what's all the fuss? If it was about President Bush, no one would bother to comment. I think it's funny. After all, he is a comedian! Give me a break! Please find somethig more serious than someone joking to put on this blog.

Gary Baumgarten said...

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't Glenn Beck was a comedian. I think that comes as news to him as well.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck was hardly serious. This was a skit and it's obviously so. But does the name RANDI RHODES ring a bell? I believe she hosted a show on liberal Air America and "joked" about shooting the President of the United States. Umm Gary? I don't see any reference to that one on your blog.


Glenn Beck is a Mormon and they don't even drink wine. However, how would my liberal buddies like a little cheese with their whine?

-LD McLellan