Thursday, August 20, 2009

If You Haven't Traded In Your Clunker For Cash Better Do It Soon

Maybe not much longer

I have some good news for my friend Dari who is a single mom and a new car sales woman in New Jersey. You'll soon be able to have dinner with your children.

Dari can't remember the last workday she got home in time to eat with her children because of the hugely successful Cash For Clunkers program.

Before it was initiated, you could go to nearly any car dealership in the nation and sit down and jaw with the sales people for hours without hardly any interruption. Now at many dealerships across the nation, customers must wait for service as harried sales staff like Dari try to accommodate as many of them as possible. Well, the gold rush may be coming to an end.

The Obama administration could announce as soon as tomorrow that the program is coming to an end. While this might not be so good for Dari's pocketbook, it would let her get off work in time so she can sit down to a nice meal with her kids.


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Anonymous said...

You linked to a great article from AP in this post, Gary. This poorly run program would have put a lot of dealers out of business if the manufacturers hadn't finally come to their aid. This is the same mentality that makes a doctor wait six months for his payment from medicare/medicaid. Think, people, think, Do you want these same "public servant" baboons controlling your health care?

James Raymond Reese

Anonymous said...

the only time it would pay to own a clunker lol. they say most of these dealerships still have not been paid hmmmm not good.

Anonymous said...

Complain complain complain. James, there is nothing that Obama could do to make you happy. Shut up and deal with the fact that he is YOUR President and thats just the way it's gonna be.

Anthony Bradford