Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Israel Hater Cindy Sheehan Refuses To Come On Paltalk Show

When I received a press release from Cindy Sheehan, the well known anti-war activist whose son died in combat in Iraq, saying she would be protesting near the Martha Vineyards property where the Obama family will be vacationing next week, I wrote about it and invited her to come on my show.

At first, Sheehan accepted my invitation. But then her spokeswoman phoned me back, saying that she had reconsidered and won't come on News Talk Online on Paltalk.com because of my position on Israel.

Because of my position on Israel? You have got to be kidding.

I had invited Sheehan to come on the show to talk to my audience about her opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Israel wasn't even on the agenda.

That aside, what difference does it make whether she and I agree on Israel? I've proposed a Middle East peace plan with which she, obviously, takes issue. If she wants to express her opposition to it on the show, she is more than welcome. But to refuse to come on after first agreeing because she disagrees with my position is - well - it's childish.

To what point have we evolved in the political debate in the United States where we are afraid to discuss issues with people who take an opposing view? If we just talk to the people with whom we already agree, then who are we actually influencing?

Sheehan obviously takes exception to my position on Israel. That's fine. That's her right. But I take exception to her rude retraction of her agreement to come on the show - I suppose in her mind as a form of "punishment" - because we don't agree on Israel.

Sheehan has lost all credibility in my book. I feel sorry for her that her hate for Israel is clouding her judgment - on issues that are totally unrelated. She should be ashamed of herself - though I doubt that she is. She probably thinks she's taking a higher moral ground, when in fact, she is only just embarrassing herself.


Anonymous said...

sorry but i have to laugh ..she is a coward!

Michelle Shelly Melnick

Anonymous said...

Ermm so tell me when she had any semblence of credibility???

Anonymous said...

She is typical of a truth that has been around since the holocaust that it only keeps changing forms and faces and she is carrying the torch for it and trying to make sure hate stays alive wheather it is purposed or not she seems very mis guided I only wonder would she feel this way if her son were still alive and was not involved into political movements now, because it seems she wanted to make a differance for her son and yet now she hates Isreal so this shows how the wheel of Evil took another into itself . Hateing a nation will never fix any of the real problems but it will get us into more.

Firstlady_Mandey said...


It appears that Cindy Sheehan certainly has difficulties standing alone among individuals who disagree with her viewpoints. This is generally a symbol found within individuals lacking self-esteem and a solid sense of self. These flaws are usually combined with a fluid child-like, infantile personality. Last minute changes based on disagreements are usually manipulative in nature. Perhaps, she is fearful of being cornered by people who do not think like her, which sadly proves that her sense of self needs fine tuning. Gary, I would give her another chance, as she has recently lost her son in Iraq, which may be fueling her internal struggles.


Bahaneh said...

wow ,,,what a shame,Gary you are right, she is just embarrassing herself not once, I'll say more than even she think,,,, I don't know her,all I saw She lost Her son in war,& she be came anti-war....She should be ashamed of herself in first place not knowing how to keep her look & appearance in public,,,, the way she express her self & her Feelings full of hate I don't thing she is right person for your show if this is the case please invite that MORAN ahmadi nejad He hate Israel too,Hell with them all I LOVE Israel & all my friends from that beautiful land,this lady is embarrassment in many ways,,,,Gary don't get UPSET please,look @ her out feet black, yellow, red & brown,,,,lol No for the Question Her case is closed,,,, she is totally out of her mind, don't take her serious,,,, SHE IS NOT NORMAL SORRY,,,,OUT OF HER MIND LOOK @ ALL THAT COLORS .....

Anonymous said...

She's a joke. Does anyone really care what she thinks about anything

James Raymond Reese

Anonymous said...

Cyndy Sheehan is a greater 'jumper on bandwagons'I have never been convinced that she has a genuine thought, much less a genuine emotion.
Isn't she wanting to be a representative of the people in the Congress? You'd have to ask yourself, is a woman who is so bigotted even capable of seperating out issues and dealing with things objectively? I doubt it.

Anyway Gary, what you have here is a woman who is a happy camper, who only wants to camp in the most prestigious places - Bush's ranch, Obama's holiday home etc. She's just another attention hog (and I use the word advisedly!!)

Hmm, you know what Gary, with all these character deficits she is probably well qualified to be a politician!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and BTW, Cyndy Sheehan has something in common with Michelle Obama --- poor clothes sense.

Arielcay said...

She sounds to me like she is taking the Obama stand point, "My way or the Highway." This country surely is divided. And if we do not listen to both sides of the story, then our Country will fall. A Kingdom divided against itself can not stand. MARK 3:24 Maybe next time you write to her You might want to remind her of that. If she does not want to speak to you then that says more about her morality than meets the eyes and ears. Freedom of speech is a right in the USA. She just gave up her chance to exercise that right. Her loss not yours. Don't give up on her. Try to re-invite her. Maybe she will reconcider again. (smile)

fnthngs said...

The first step to achieving Peace through differences is with discussion, communication, reaching across the table. Cyndy Sheehan is NO Peace Activist if she can't voice her views and listen to others views. I'm afraid her grief has gotten the better of her. I hope one day the pain will subside and she will find Peace from the hate.