Monday, August 3, 2009

News Talk Online August 3, 2009: Kiosk Owner Tossed From Mall For Selling Anti-Obama T-Shirts


Loren Spivack, who owns a kiosk in a North Carolina shopping mall is being tossed out for violating his lease because he sells t-shirts and bumper stickers that have anti-Obama sayings on them.

Spivack acknowledges that the lease permits Simon Property Group, owner of the Concord Mall, may prohibit the sale of any items it, at its sole discretion, finds offensive. But Spivack, who will be a guest on today's News Talk Online on at 5 PM New York time, says there is a double standard at the mall.

He notes that the management wanted him to stop selling three bumper stickers and one t-shirt with the following slogans:

Obama wins: They celebrate in Iran. Do you get it yet?

Al Qaeda’s two favorite days: 9/11/01 & 11/4/08

Obama: Change Al Qaeda Can Believe In!


No to Osama, Obama and Chelsea’s Mama!

But at the same time, he says, other shopkeepers are permitted to keep items on the shelves with slogans such as:

I Eat Pussy Like a Fat Kid Eats Cake

I Love My Daddy Even Though He’s an Asshole


Don’t Just Use Me For My Big Dick

Spivack believes he is being silenced because of his politics.


Bahaneh said...

Wow.thats all we need ,,,nuh, still some ppl don't belive that Mr.Obama is elected president,what is wrong with this Pic.days & weeks we are screaming where is our vote:( and no one listen to Iranian's voice,we didn't elect ahmadi nejad,he is selected by khamenei,but don't forget pl.Mr.President Obama is Elected by American ppl's VOTE,so enough is enough.God Bless you Mr. Presiden't maybe you hear my voice about Iran, WHERE IS MY VOTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Anonymous said...

I see its ok to have freedom of speech when it comes to sexual inuendo but heaven forbid if you speak out against Obama. Persue it Mr Spivack to the fullest you have every right :) Oh well the double standards continue on.