Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Limbaugh Calls Dems Nazis, Dingell Health Care Opponents KKK

Fast on the heels of radio big mouth Rush Limbaugh comparing the White House and the Democrats to Nazis comes the Democratic dean of the House of Representatives, John Dingell of Michigan, comparing health reform opponents to the KKK.

Enough "gentlemen!"


Anonymous said...

I know so many Republicans that are so embarrassed by Rush.

Kevin Sandler

Anonymous said...

If only everyone, or at least thinking human beings, ignored him.

Martin Di Caro

Anonymous said...

So Nancy Pelosi can LIE and make it sound as if people were carrying PRO NAZI swastikas when they were not, and Rush is considered a problem when he refers to their NAZI TACTICS?

Come on! Surely you can be fairer than this!