Monday, August 31, 2009

Little NATO Support For More Afghan Troops

In an assessment of the war in Afghanistan by the commander of U.S. and NATO forces, Gen. Stanley McChrystal stated that a new strategy is needed to fight the Taliban.

Although it was not addressed in the strategic review sent to both the Pentagon and NATO headquarters today, it is widely anticipated that McChrystal will ask for more troops to deal with the situation in a separate request expected in a couple of weeks, a proposal that may face considerable opposition in many NATO countries.

While the 2009 Pew Global Attitudes survey of 25 nations found broad global support for President Obama and his policy goals, the one notable exception was his decision to send additional troops to Afghanistan.

Significant opposition to troop increases was found in all NATO countries polled; at least half of those surveyed in Germany (63%), France (62%), Poland (57%), Canada (55%), Britain (51%) and Spain (50%) disapproved of sending more troops to Afghanistan.

In addition to opposing new troop commitments, many in NATO countries want troops withdrawn altogether.


Anonymous said...

The following is from an article from a link
that I seeded for newsvine. The following is a tiny section from eurasianet's article
..."Rachel Reid, the Country Representative of HRW in Afghanistan, told EurasiaNet that, "an increase in troops will lead to a surge in violence if the troops are not used differently." There will still be "too much emphasis on protecting the lives of international troops and not enough emphasis on protecting the lives of Afghans," she said.

.."Are the costs of civilian casualties too high to justify the military gains? Can they defeat the insurgency while losing so much public support through civilian casualty incidents and unjust detention policies?" she asked."...
Tinkerbell from Paltalk

Anonymous said...

Where are the war protestors?
Where is the body count we used to see?
Why don't people care about our kids out there fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Um, cuz it's no longer Bush's war?

-LD McLellan