Thursday, August 20, 2009

Maybe Blackwater Ran Amok Because Of The CIA

Blackwater USA, the private security firm hired by the State Department to protect assets in Iraq, has been accused of extrajudicial activities in that country, including taking aim - literally - at Muslims because of a righteous Christian philosophy. But now comes word that Blackwater may have also been in the employ of the CIA - which may explain why it felt empowered to act in a manner which many in the military found repulsive but impotent to stop.

The Associated Press is reporting that the CIA also hired Blackwater to target al Qaeda leaders. The AP quotes an unnamed source which says the 2004 contract, which remains classified, was canceled because it was unsuccessful.

This is not to suggest that the CIA empowered Blackwater to act against innocent civilians in Iraq. But it may be a partial explanation about why the company felt indemnified and justified in its alleged actions.

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