Monday, August 17, 2009

New Yorkers Rescue Falcon

Who said New Yorkers don't have hearts?A quick-thinking employee at Silvercup Studios in Greenpoint, Queens was able to rescue a Peregrine Falcon chick, either been abandoned by its mother or that had fallen from its nest from a nearby church steeple, as it was being pecked at by doves on a sidewalk.

The man, Morgan Pitts, rushed in and rescued the bird and brought it to his colleague at Silvercup, Mike Gallart who is married to Wendy Gallart, director of marketing and communications at The Animal Medical Center in Manhattan. Gallart immediately called his wife when he saw what was happening. She arrived and was able to transport the bird back to The AMC where it is being nursed back to health.

The Peregrine Falcon became an endangered species in many areas due to the use of pesticides, especially DDT. Since the ban on DDT from the beginning of the 1970s onwards, the populations recovered, supported by large scale protection of nesting places and releases to the wild.

The bird, reportedly, is doing well.

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