Monday, August 17, 2009

News Talk Online August 17, 2009: Gary's Middle East Peace Plan

On today's News Talk Online on we discussed my peace plan for the Middle East.

My suggestion is that Israel unilaterally declare its borders. Those on the other side of those borders may, if they wish, declare their own nations as well.

Those neighbors who wish to recognize Israel and its borders would begin diplomatic relations with Israel. Commerce and cultural exchanges would commence. People would go to Israel to seek jobs. Israel would extend a helping hand by helping that nation develop economically.

If a neighbor elected to not recognize Israel then the borders between Israel and that entity would remain closed.

My guess is that the Gaza would become the declared nation of Palestine and would prosper, while the West Bank would remain under the control of Hamas which would continue to seek the destruction of Israel. Until the people in that region made a political change, then they would not benefit from relations with Israel as would those in the Gaza and they'd have to turn solely to their Arab neighbors for help.

The world would see a blossoming Palestine, bearing the fruits of peaceful relations with Israel, and a continuing struggling West Bank which would have only its own political leadership to blame for its failures.

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