Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pakistan, Nation In Crisis

Pakistanis see their country in crisis. They give their national government lower ratings than at any time in this decade, and almost no one is satisfied with national conditions.
A new survey of Pakistan by the Pew Research Center's Global Attitudes Project also finds a long-standing concern about Islamic extremism has grown even greater over the past year, and indifference and mixed opinions about both al Qaeda and the Taliban have given way to a strong condemnation of both groups.
However, growing concern about Islamic extremism has not resulted in an improved view of the United States. Barack Obama's global popularity is not evident in Pakistan, and America's image remains as tarnished in that country as it was in the Bush years.
Further, many express serious concerns about the U.S.-led effort to combat terrorism, both globally and in Pakistan specifically.
However, for all the anti-American sentiment, there is an openness to improving relations with the U.S. and considerable support for the idea of working together to combat terrorism.
The survey report examines attitudes toward extremism and extremist groups; religion, law and society; the U.S and its foreign policy; India-Pakistan relations; Pakistani leaders and institutions; national conditions and daily life.

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