Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stop With The Nazi References Already!

I've just about had it with people on both sides of the health reform debate with their hyperbole, loose representations of the facts and, worst of all, references to Nazis and fascism.

Let's review three examples.

A woman attends a town hall meeting hosted by Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) and carries a sign to the microphone which depicts President Obama as a Nazi. Frank, to his credit, discredits the woman.

Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), a Jew who should know better, says those who shout down town hall meetings are using a "fascist tactic."

An Israeli guy talks about the benefits of his nation's national health care and a woman shouts "Heil Hitler" at him. The man is visibly and understandably shaken and angry.

Not that anyone should have to say this, but Obama is not a Nazi, those who shout down others at meetings aren't fascists and the Israeli guy is obviously not a Nazi. Those who make these outrageous claims detract from the debate, discredit those who might agree with them on health reform and, worse of all, dishonor the memories of those who fought or who were victimized by the Nazis.

This is not the first time I've said it, and sadly, it likely won't be the last. But stop with the Nazi references already!


Anonymous said...

No kidding!!

Mollie Dierbeck

Anonymous said...

The Nazi rhetoric is one of the most depressing aspects of the current "debate." It is vile-- and more importantly, historically bankrupt. I have read extensively on the Reich. The Nazis "health care" was designed to remove from German society all non-Aryan, impure blood in order to cleanse the race, thus preparing future generations of pure-blooded Germans for war. All kinds of categories of sub-humans were defined; all were viewed as a threat to contaminate the master race. That is why Jews, the mentally ill and disabled, the gypsies, the deformed, criminals, and those considered "work shy," among others, were sterilized or gassed. Men, women, and children of all ages were subject to a heartless, pseudo-scientific weeding out process on the road to the grave. This machinery of mass death served a fanatical ideology bent on racial world conquest.

Martin Di Caro

Anonymous said...

"Nazi" is just the most disgusting name anyone can throw at anyone else so it is being used. Obama isn't a Nazi and everyone knows it. Obama is a communist but a lot of people haven't figured that out yet.

James Raymond Reese

Shlomo said...

The Israeli didn't actually mention that Israel's health care system revolves around several independent capitalist health care providers. One simply pays a percentage of income and these companies compete for that cash. We have also largely eliminated lawyers from the health care system. Now if we could scrap the bureaucrats...

By the way, how could she tell he was a Jew if he chooses to dress like a goy; not to excuse the actions of that woman who was actually wearing an IDF shirt.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect? Most of the people calling him a Nazi are TRAITORS putting their politics over the welfare of the nation. They would rather let the corporations who drove our economy into the ground continue to jack up our country because they think some of that success will trickle down to them. They hate America and would love to see this nation driven to the ground

Eric Flores

Anonymous said...

Eric-- Comparing Hitler to Bush is also ugly as is comparing National Socialism to his administration. If anyone is really interested in learning more about this subject, pick up Richard Evans' The Coming of the Third Reich.

Martin Di Caro

Anonymous said...

well isnt that what hitler was?? a nazi communist??? duh... wake up and smell the coffee.

Tia Bear

Anonymous said...

It seems when either side doesn't like something the other side wants they start with the "Nazi" stuff. For the last 8 years was no different, it was all over the world....


If people only stopped and looked at what the Nazi's did, then there would be no comparison