Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Terrorist By Any Other Name Is Still The Same

I see.

We've turned the corner in our counter terrorism efforts in the United States.

No longer is the United States in a war with terrorism or with Jihadists. We're in a war with al Qaeda.

All those police counter terrorism units around the country are going to have to rename themselves. They are now going to have to call themselves counter al Qaeda units.

This, of course, must be part of the president's economic stimulation package. This will make for "shovel ready" projects for uniform and police car painting companies as departments across the land change the labeling on both from "counter terrorism" to "counter al Qaeda." Brilliant!

It also serves as a cost saving measure for the FBI, CIA, NSA and Homeland Security. Imagine calling any of the above named agencies.

"FBI, where is the problem."

"Yes, I want to report some suspected terrorist activity in my town."

"Sir, are the people you are reporting believed to be associated with al Qaeda?"

"Ah, no I really don't think so, but they ARE terrorists, I have proof!"

"Sorry sir, we are no longer engaged in a war with terrorists. Our war is only with al Qaeda now."

Think of all the man and woman hours of investigative work that will be eliminated. This is an awesome move on the part of the Obama administration: declaring that there is no longer a war with terrorism.

As I said before: Brilliant!


Anonymous said...

well, at least we're not at war with an abstract noun anymore. Now we have a proper noun to shoot at.

Anonymous said...

considering here in Aus.. the pollies are callin for restraint on the influx of migrants now to 'filter' out the terrorists... changing a name of the ppl assigned to search for them is pretty pultry. Ask the Pollies how u can determine a goody from a baddie... then maybe American Pollies can send the formula back to Aus Pollies to determine good and bad Pollies... so we have a the 'perfect' place to live in. deal? or no deal?


Why not continue to call it a "war on terrorism"? I think the phrase encompasses it all. War against terrorism from any person or group. I think Mr. John Brennen has too much time on his hands to be worrying about hurting a particular group's feelings and should get to the business of ending this war.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Bullbreed

I will just post this text from Steve Emerson refering to the President.

EMERSON: Look, he wouldn't use the term terrorism in his speech. He doesn't use the words radical Islam at all. When he is asked who the enemy is he says Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is just part of the enemy. The enemy is jihadism. If you can't name your enemy as radical Islam, you can't ever expect to defeat it.

just food for thought.



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Pssst.. hey geniuses. Al Queda *IS* TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. Ergo, we are still in the war on terror. And who was the brainiac that just now figured out that Al Queda was an enemy?

Oh yeah, one more thing: Al Queda members practice and believe in JIHAD. They believe in the violent, physical Jihad that spawned 9-11 and 7/7.

So I would say we're still at war with jihadists, wouldn't you?