Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Twitter Has Become A Powerful Tool In Venezuela As Well

We've seen the impact of Twitter on the revolution in Iran. Now comes word that Twitter is being used to get the opposition's word out in Venezuela as well.

It seems folks in Venezuela are turning to Twitter to bring news to one another after the nation's president, Hugo Chavez, shut down opposition radio stations.

It just proves, once again, that censorship doesn't work and that - eventually - the truth rises to the surface.


daymon said...

Yea...I am sure our Cia is making this happen. Facts are all those things that exist independently and objectively from the mind. The truth is the interconnection and interrelationship of those facts. Every central and south american country whose people rise up and threatens U.S. interests is anti-democratic.Take a look at what class represents the "opposition" and you will find the deposed monied ruling class.

Anonymous said...

If what "daymon" says is correct, then Venezuela had lots of rich people ruling teh country, maybe more than 50% of the country's population. Maybe "daymon" should take a bit of time to carefully review latest polls and electoral data. The fact is that Chavez is a hard line communist, and has been financing a project to establish communist regimes withing the region, not just in Venezuela. So, go and take a look at real facts, you leftist dreamer.