Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Veterans Concerned About Health Reform

The affects health reform would have on the VA system is a matter of concern to many military veterans in the United States.

Paul Rieckhoff, executive director of the Iraq and Afghan Veterans of America says no matter what one's political party or stance on the issue, the nation must be united in protecting the health care of veterans.

"Hundreds of thousands of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans depend on the VA for care," writes Rieckhoff in an email to supporters. He says the IAVA is committed to ensuring that all veterans continue to have full access to VA health care without penalty or cost- no matter what health care plan moves forward.

"President Obama and VA Secretary Shinseki spoke this week on the issue, and they, along with congressional leaders from both parties, have assured IAVA that veterans' health care will not be affected by any changes to our national health care," he says.

"IAVA will closely monitor the situation, and we'll make sure they keep that promise."

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