Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Illegal Immigrant Eligibility Under The Proposed Health Reform Plans Topic On Paltalk Today

The Democratic leadership and the White House have been assuring the public that illegal aliens won't be covered by the primary proposed health reform act before Congress. But the Federation for American Immigration Reform says there is a loophole that would permit undocumented immigrants to get coverage - because there is no required proof of citizenship or verification.

FAIR favors an amendment introduced by Rep. Dean Heller (R-NV) that would require the federal government to verify that those who get government backed health care are legal U.S. citizens. Heller is not the only one proposing such an amendment. Last week, Rep. Nathan Deal (R-GA) offered one that would require verification of citizenship for anyone enrolling in Medicaid. Deal's amendment was defeated during a committee vote.

FAIR also questions the oft-quoted figure of 47 million uninsured Americans. The organization calls that a "widely over-exaggerated number." The organization believes the true number is closer to 12 million people. FAIR also says that more than 17% of the uninsured population is comprised of illegal aliens. Combine that with the number of children of illegal aliens and the percentage grows to about 33%.

Joining us at 5:30 PM New York time today on News Talk Online on to discuss whether illegal immigrants should receive health care benefits in the United States will be FAIR spokesman Ira Mehlman.

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