Thursday, September 10, 2009

African Union Representatives Give Lockerbie Bomber Standing Ovation

Things are totally topsy turvey in this crazy world of ours. Israel gets criticized for defending itself against rocket attacks but the people who launch the attacks are viewed as freedom fighters.

The president of the United States is shouted down by a Republican representative with "you lie!" as he addressed a joint session of Congress.

And members of African nation's parliaments have given a standing ovation to the Lockerbie bomber. A standing ovation.

I don't even know what to say about all this. Except, maybe, "this isn't Kansas anymore, Toto."


Anonymous said...

So its only OK to boo a Republican president right Gary?

Anonymous said...

Why isn't he spending time at home with his family while he's "dying?" Why is he running around to political meetings? Compassionate release, indeed. Are the Scots corrupt and criminal or merely idiots?

Zalman Lachman

Gary Baumgarten said...


Where do you get the idea that by criticizing this guy for being disrespectful to President Obama that, by some weird connection, I support the booing of a Republican president? What a convoluted thought process you express!


Well, actually this took place in a hospital in Libya, but the thought of applauding a mass murder is repulsive!